Research Team


PhD Students

Jian Song


Office: ECEE 166

Research: Laboratory application of recent advances in inverse scattering

Education: B.Sc. (2020) Civil Engineering

minor in Aerospace Engineering & Business

University of Colorado Boulder, CO


Yang Xu

Email: yang.xu(at)

Office: ECCE 152

Research: Physics-based data analytics in complex environments

Education: B.Sc. (2019) Mathematics

minor in Economics

University of Colorado Boulder, CO


Noah Francis

Co-advised with Remi Dingreville


Email: noah.francis(at)

Office: ECCE 152

Research: Systematic approaches to data-driven design of metamaterials

Education: B.Sc. (2021) Applied Mathematics

B.Sc. (2021) Aerospace Engineering Science

minor in Japanese Language

University of Colorado Boulder, CO


Abigail Schmid

Co-advised with Alireza Doostan


Email: abigail.schmid(at)

Office: ECCE 152

Research: Bayesian multiscale modeling of complex materials via laser ultrasonics

Education: B.Sc. (2020) Computational and Applied Mathematics

minor in Art History

University of Chicago, IL

Undergraduate Researchers

Emi Szabo

Email: emily.szabo(at)

Office: ECEE 166

Research: Laser-based characterization

Education: B.Sc. student of Civil & Environmental Engineering

University of Colorado Boulder, CO


Conglin Wang


Office: ECEE 166

Research: Laser ultrasonics

Education: B.Sc. student of Physics

University of Colorado Boulder, CO

Current Collaborators
Houssem Haddar

INRIA, Center of Saclay Ile de France

CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique

Remi Dingreville

CINT, Sandia National Laboratories

Todd Murray

University of Colorado Boulder

Richard Regueiro

University of Colorado Boulder

Alireza Doostan

University of Colorado Boulder

Jeong-Hoon Song

University of Colorado Boulder

David Bortz

University of Colorado Boulder


Dr. Kevish Napal

Post Doctoral Associate (Dec. 2019 - July 2021), now in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, UK

Dr. David Stobbe

Post Doctoral Associate (Feb. - Dec. 2018), now at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA

Dr. Peter Kirkwood

Post Doctoral Associate (Feb. - Dec. 2017), next at Tonkin and Taylor, New Zealand

Hao Yue

MS student (Sept. 2017 - Dec. 2020), now in the Biomedical Engineering Department at the City University of Hong Kong

Greg Maris

MS student (Feb. 2017 - May. 2018), now at Knight Piesold, CO