Data-driven Mechanics Laboratory
College of Engineering & Applied Science
University of Colorado Boulder

Research highlights*

PI: Fatemeh Pourahmadian

Assistant Professor of Engineering Science
Department of Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
Department of Applied Mathematics (Affiliated Faculty)

1111 Engineering Drive
Boulder, CO 80309-0428
Office: ECOT 533
Tel: (303) 492 2027


The overarching theme of our research is to develop systematic data-driven technologies for design and characterization of advanced materials and energy systems. We strive to undertake a comprehensive approach to emerging problems in engineering mechanics involving rigorous mathematical analysis, laboratory experiments, and computation.
Our current research involves three focal areas:
(1) inverse scattering in complex and uncertain environments,
(2) data-driven design of materials with tailored dynamic functionalities,
(3) multiscale model discovery of randomly structured composites.
Area 1 takes advantage of tools of applied mathematics to establish robust data analytic solutions for (a) spatiotemporal tracking of multiphysics processes in unconventional reservoirs, and (b) laser-based in-situ diagnostics in additive manufacturing.
Area 2 makes use of high-order dynamic homogenization and accelerated techniques in topology optimization to design new materials and structures with unique wave transmission properties.
Area 3 deploys stochastic analysis and multiscale modeling for characterization of complex composites using laser ultrasonic measurements. Such developments are critical for high-fidelity predictive modeling of advanced materials.

Short Bio

I joined the Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering Department in Spring 2017. I am also an Affiliated Faculty of the Applied Mathematics Department as of Spring 2019. Previously, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Assistant in the Waves & Imaging Laboratory at the University of Minnesota. I conducted my doctoral work under Bojan Guzina and Joe Labuz with the focus on next-generation imaging technologies. I completed my undergraduate and first masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering. My early research activities at Iran University of Science and Technology were focused on inverse problems in nonlinear dynamics entailing contact mechanics, experimental modal analysis, signal processing, and nonlinear vibrations.

Curriculum Vitae