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phd position

PhD Opening

We are always seeking for highly motivated and talented students with background in engineering and/or applied sciences. Our research is highly interdisciplinary in nature involving advanced theoretical, experimental, and computational developments. So, applicants with background in applied physics/mathematics are particularly encouraged. If you are interested in joing our team, please contact Dr. Pourahmadian by email and include your: 1) CV, 2) statement of interest, and 3) transcripts. To apply to our Engineering Science PhD Program, please check here.

msc position

MSc Positions

Research opportunities are avaliable in Fall 2021

We are looking for graduate MSc students with Bachelor's degree in engineering or applied sciences. The research is in the area of: 1) laser ultrasonics, and 2) data-driven modeling. This project is a joint effort between the Civil and Aerospace Engineering Departments. For further details, please contact Dr. Pourahmadian and include your CV.

hydraulic fracture

Undergraduate researchers

Please set up an appointment to discuss

Research opportunities are avaliable in Fall 2021

You are welcome to contact Dr. Pourahmadian if you wish to be considered for a funded Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP), or Discovery Learning Apprenticeship (DLA) in the Data-driven Mechanics Laboratory. To be eligible for UROP funding, students must be full-time, degree-seeking undergraduates at CU-Boulder. UROP Applications are accepted for Fall, Spring and Summer. DLA applications, on the other hand, are due in April every year. You can discuss potential projects with Dr. Pourahmadian, but normally our undergraduate researchers work with a graduate student or postdoc on a topic of immediate relevance to their research.

hydraulic fracture

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The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the most comprehensive and prestigious public universities in the United States. In particular, its graduate programs in Civil Engineering (resp. Applied Mathematics) ranked 20 (resp. 14) in 2021 according to the U.S. News & World Report. The main campus is located at the heart of the Boulder metropolitan area, nestled at the base of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Boulder is home to many national laboratories and key tech/industrial companies such as NIST, NOAA, NREL, and Google. Boulder is the nirvana of outdoor activities because of world-class destinations such as Eldorado Canyon, Chautauqua, and Valmont Bike Parks.