Engineering for Developing Communities

Engineers in Developing Communities

Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities
Engineering for Developing Communities is an innovative educational program dedicated to transforming the understanding, application and evaluation of engineering in the global environment and implementing that change across the entire engineering curriculum. Managed by the Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities, the program combines classroom work; research and development; and real world, on-the-ground experience to train engineers to work in partnership with organizations in developing communities worldwide. Our goal is to educate engineers who will meet the needs of a rapidly growing human population while preserving Earth’s biodiversity, delicate ecosystems and rich cultural heritages. More information about the Mortenson Center is available online at or by calling 303-735-6708.

Graduate Programs
The Mortenson Center offers a 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Engineering for Developing Communities that is open to engineering graduate students in any major within the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Students who meet admission requirements for the MS or PhD degree in Civil Engineering have two additional options. A courses-only, 30-credit Professional Master’s Degree Program in Engineering for Developing Communities is now available for individuals who are primarily interested in becoming competitive candidates for employment in the field of engineering for development. Alternatively, those who are interested in conducting EDC-related research during their graduate program can apply to enroll in an EDC track within the Building Systems, Construction Engineering and Management, Civil Systems or Environmental engineering areas. The EDC degree and certificate programs are recognized Western Regional Graduate Programs that offer residents of eligible WICHE-participating states a tuition benefit. For more information about the WICHE WRGP, please see

Undergraduate Program
In 2012-2013, the Mortenson Center led the development of the Undergraduate Certificate in Global Engineering for degree-seeking engineering students. The Undergraduate Certificate in Global Engineering expands students’ understanding of how to operate in an international context from an engineering perspective. This translates to the capacity to work in either an international team from within an office located domestically or internationally. These work environments necessitate that students understand multinational contexts as well as local office and nongovernmental agency contexts. For more details about the undergraduate certificate in global engineering, please see