Angela Bielefeldt, Professor, Ph.D., University of Washington. Environmental microbiology, biodegradation, engineered biodegradation systems, appropriate treatment technology and engineering education (sustainability, service learning, social responsibility, ethics).
(Photo by  Patrick Campbell/University of Colorado) Sherri Cook, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Michigan. Sustainable water system design and implementation, resource recovery from waste, optimization within stability constraints and under uncertainty, environmental biotechnology and anaerobic wastewater treatment, sustainability-based decision making.
Mark Hernandez, Professor, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. Forensic environmental microbiology and toxicology: Characterization and control of aerobiology, biocorrosion and heavy metal recycling.
RDK 2007 picture Richard D. Kuchenrither, Scholar in Residence, Ph.D., University of Kansas. Director of Water Engineering and Management Graduate Program, environmental health, water and wastewater process, biosolids and residuals processes and utilization.
Karl Linden, Professor, Ph.D., University of California, Davis. Environmental Engineering. Advanced water treatment, water reuse, ultraviolet light processes, disinfection, advanced oxidation, emerging organic contaminants and appropriate treatment technology.
Diane McKnight (Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research) Professor, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Stream ecology and hydrology, reactive solute transport and biogeochemistry.
Lupita Montoya, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Stanford. Aerosols, indoor air quality and building-integrated air quality control systems.
Zhiyong “Jason” Ren, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University. Microbial fuel cells and bioelectrochemical systems, bioenergy and bioresource recovery, and environmental sustainability.
Joseph Ryan, Professor, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Contaminant fate and transport in natural waters, colloid and biocolloid transport, acid mine drainage characterization.
Fernando Rosario-Ortiz, Assistant Professor, D.Env., UCLA. Environmental chemistry, characterization of organic matter, oxidation processes and photochemistry of organic compounds.
JoAnn Silverstein, Professor, Ph.D., University of California, Davis. Biological process engineering in water, wastewater, and soils. Sustainable wastewater systems: design, management and operations.
R. Scott Summers, Professor, Ph.D., Stanford University. Drinking water quality and treatment, natural organic matter, disinfection by-products, emerging organic contaminants, appropriate treatment technology.

Affiliated Faculty

Mike Hannigan (Mechanical Engineering), Associate Professor, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology. Air quality.
Daven Henze (Mechanical Engineering), Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology. Air quality.
Jana Milford (Mechanical Engineering), Professor, Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University. Air quality modeling, urban air quality, alternative fuels, forest fires.
Shelly Miller (Mechanical Engineering), Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley. Indoor air pollution and modeling, exposure to air pollutants.

Research Scientists

Imma Ferrer, Research Scientist, Ph.D., University of Barcelona. Analytical methodology using advanced mass spectrometry for emerging contaminants. For more information, see Center for Environmental Mass Spectrometry.

Michael Thurman, Research Scientist, Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder. Advanced mass spectrometry, characterization of humic substances, quantification of emerging contaminants.

Rita Klees, Research Scientist, PhD.  University of Colorado Boulder.  Sanitation, Hygiene, Engineering in Developing Communities, Social Entrepreneurship.