CEAE student explores lighting field with IMPACT Internship

October 31, 2013

Ashlee BroadusReady to put her classroom knowledge to the test, Ashlee Broadus, a senior majoring in architectural engineering with an electrical lighting focus, accepted an internship position with HLB Engineering in its San Diego office as part of the IMPACT Internship Scholarship Program last summer.

During her time with HLB, Broadus had the opportunity to work on lighting layouts, CAD, AIG and budget pricing, but Broadus’ major project involved creating a lighting design for the San Diego International Airport. Broadus specifically focused on the aiming portion of the lighting design, which gave her plenty of opportunities to put her knowledge to work. Before Broadus and the HLB team went on-site, they made a lighting plan through programming and what they thought would work based on the chosen lights. Then, they had to make aiming changes based on the surrounding elements.

“We had to look at the glare, so people walking into the space didn’t have lights shining in their faces,” Broadus says. “There were palm trees at the ends of the area, and we had to account for them blocking some light and then lighting them, as well. Artwork also hung from ceiling, which needed lighting to showcase it.”

Broadus believes her internship experience was especially valuable because it showed her what to expect when she enters the work force. Prior to the internship, Broadus had enjoyed her academic experience, specifically her Illumination II class with Senior Instructor Sandra Vàsconez, but she was still unsure how that would translate to being in the field. Now Broadus is confident she has the knowledge it takes to succeed on a professional level when she graduates in May 2014.

“I was really nervous before I went to the internship because I didn’t fully know what to expect, but I’m confident I can go into this profession and know what I’m doing based on all the knowledge I acquired from HLB,” Broadus says.