Ryan receives Bennett-Lindstedt Endowed Faculty Fellowship

February 4, 2013

Joseph N. Ryan, professor of environmental engineering, has received the Bennett-Lindstedt Endowed Faculty Fellowship, honoring former professors Ed Bennett and Dan Lindstedt, who both helped establish the environmental engineering track at CU-Boulder.

Led by Doug Smith, a civil engineering alumnus serving on the college advisory board, a group of alumni raised the funds to create this fellowship, which is intended to support faculty in the environmental and water fields. This fellowship recognizes general achievement throughout the years.

With this fellowship’s funding, Ryan plans to help supplement one of his graduate student’s out-of-state tuition in order to make her academic experience more affordable and help retain this valuable student. The National Science Foundation’s Sustainability Research Network recently awarded Ryan with a $12 million grant to examine natural gas development in hydraulic fracturing, and Ryan’s graduate student is helping with the research and writing a related thesis on how certain chemical compounds used with hydraulic fracturing move through groundwater sediments.

“We want to make sure we recruit, retain and recognize the best graduate students,” Ryan says. “With this large grant, we need the best graduate students to help with the research, and this fellowship is a big help in providing the proper funds.”