Hallowell awarded Beavers Heavy Construction Engineering Endowed Faculty Fellowship

January 30, 2013

The Beavers, a heavy engineering construction association, has awarded Matthew R. Hallowell, assistant professor of construction engineering and management, the Beavers Heavy Construction Engineering Endowed Faculty Fellowship.

Joe Adams, president of energy and industry at MWH Global, a provider of strategic consulting, environmental engineering and construction services, is the primary donor of this fellowship that allows Hallowell to further his research and educational efforts, he says. With this fellowship, Hallowell plans to use the discretionary funds to support his research students who are studying the safety of heavy construction projects. This fellowship gives Hallowell the opportunity to expand his research topics into areas previously not studied, as well.

Hallowell also expects to use the funds to improve class modules for his Construction Equipment and Methods course, which examines equipment selection, earthwork estimating and excavation support, he says. Hallowell plans to create a more engaging classroom environment with physical demonstrations, making for a more valuable academic experience.

“A fellowship like this gives flexibility in terms of what I can do in the classroom and with my research,” Hallowell says. “Since funds are discretionary, they can be used to enhance active learning and the ability of student researchers to investigate topics that are new or somehow outside realm of what we normally study.”