CEAE Faculty Awarded Grant to Study Interactions between Engineering and Sustainability

November 16, 2012 • Tags:, ,

Building life-cycle phases considered for assessing hazard resistance and environmental impacts. Click image to view.

CEAE professor Abbie Liel and her team have been awarded a $225,000 grant from the National Science Foundation’s Civil Infrastructure Systems Program. The core component of the proposed research is a method for assessing the interaction of building environmental impacts and building ability to withstand earthquakes, storms, and other hazards. The effect of hazard resistance during each phase of a building’s lifespan is considered, accounting for 1) differences in building design and construction depending on the hazards considered, 2) maintenance, repair, and renovation requirements, considering the risk of damage during hazardous events, and 3) disasters that shorten the building service life. The research will facilitate the development of criteria connecting structural building design considerations for earthquakes, wind and snow loads with green building ratings that could be incorporated in building standards and design guidelines.