CVEN 4700/5700 Sustainability in the Built Environment - Spring 2008

Developing Sustainable Solutions for a Complex and Consuming World

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Instructor:                Bernard Amadei, Professor (ECOT 546)
                                  Tel: 303-492-7734; Cell: 303-929-8167

Course Syllabus:   Click here to download the course syllabus (PDF)
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Course Description

This course introduces undergraduate and graduate students to the fundamental concepts of sustainability and sustainable development. Emphasis is placed first on understanding natural systems, the interaction of the built environment (infrastructure) with natural systems, and the role of technical and non-technical (economic, social, ecological, ethical, philosophical, political, psychological, cultural) issues in shaping engineering decisions. Emphasis is placed on understanding the need to re-conceive and redevelop all human activity to be compatible with and enhance the natural systems of which they are a part.  Integral to this, is an understanding of system science and system thinking. Another emphasis of the course is to introduce students to a range of methods: methods to identify and select sustainable solutions to design problems; methods of improving existing solutions; and methods of reasoning. This course is designed to encourage students to think, and think from many different perspectives.  Students are asked to consider many aspects of a single “project,” such as the economic, physical/scientific, social, psychological, historical, ethical, political, cultural and ecological aspects, and how each of these influences the others.  

Course Goals

After completing the course, the students are expected to have:

bullet A greater awareness of their role as human beings and engineers on Earth;
bulletA better understanding of natural systems and how human-made structures adapt and adjust to natural systems and vice-versa; and
bulletNew skills and tools for finding common themes, developing connections, asking critical questions, providing more holistic answers to those questions, and for integrating economic, social, and environmental aspects into decision making.

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